Online Gambling Ages In The United States

While many of the laws in place at both the state and federal level as they relate to gambling and online gambling in the United States could be a bit ambiguous, there is one area of the law that is crystal clear. That would be gambling ages across the United States. Not consistent on the whole because of the fact that the age is decided at the state level, there is no questioning whether or not it is legal to place a wager if you are underage. If you are not of age, it's not legal to place a wager or sign up at any online gambling sites. To do so would make that person subject to penalties under the state law, as well as with the gambling site itself.

This page aims to expand upon gambling ages in the United States and at the various sites that allow players from the U.S. to legally create accounts. We already know that just about every legal online gambling site for a player in the United States is based offshore. Then the only law that you need to be concerned about is whether you meet the age requirement. Find out more about age restrictions and requirements in states and at gambling sites, as well as a review of some of the top places for American players to create accounts.

What Is The Age To Gamble In My State?

As we stated in the introduction, the legal age to gamble is decided at the state level. As such, it is important that you consult your state laws to find out about the gambling age in your area. Fortunately for you, we have put together a table with the state ages for all 50 states in the U.S., below. Simply scroll down to the state in which you reside, and you will find the gambling age information that you seek.

What Is The Age To Gamble Online In My State?

The same concept that applies to land-based gambling also applies to online gambling. In just about every case, the age to gamble on land and online will be the same in your state, but it's not 100 percent. Consult our chart for the information about online gambling ages in your state directly below to get your answers.

Age To Bet In The United States - Look Below To Find Your State:
Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California
Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia
Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa
Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland
Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri
Montana Nebraska Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey
New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio
Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina
South Dakota Tennessee Texas Utah Vermont
Virginia Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming
What Will Happen If I Gamble Underage?

If you are caught gambling underage you will be subject to the various penalties under state law as well as the gambling establishment or site you had an account with. This can include the forfeiture of money in your account, as well as any winnings that took place during the time the player had the account. In addition, there are fines that might also be put upon the violator as well. If you want specific information on this topic, it's important to consult your local government or an attorney familiar with the laws surrounding gambling in your area.

We are not lawyers and have no affiliation with the law. consists only of researchers and players very familiar with this industry. So it's important that you know if you want further information to seek out counsel like we cited above. They will be able to provide you with very specific information on the gambling laws in your state, specific to age if that is what you seek.

What Is The Age To Gamble At Bovada?

Bovada requires account holders to be at least 18 years old. However, it's also important to know that American players must also meet the requirements of their state gambling age to sign up for an account legally as well.

Bovada has several different areas of gambling that bettors can take advantage of. They have a great sportsbook, poker room and even a full casino. Yes, there is something for everyone at Bovada. They accept bettors from the United States, however it should be noted that those residents living in Washington, Maryland, and New York cannot create new accounts.

Players from the U.S. can deposit to play for real cash using a Visa Card, or a Rapid Transfer wire transfer. There are several different bonus options as well depending on which section of the site you choose to go with. For the sportsbook, bettors can get up to $250 on a 50 percent match for a first deposit. For the casino and poker room, up to $1,000 is offered on a 100 percent match for a first deposit.

What Is The Age To Gamble At BetOnline?

Rule No.9 on BetOnline's General Rules section stipulates that any player laying down a wager who is not 18 years of age is prohibited. Outside of that is also the state gambling ages that a player must adhere to if he or she is to create an account at this site.

BetOnline is not only a sportsbook, it is actually home to a great poker and casino for online players as well. This site is legal and open to players in all 50 states across the U.S., provided that they are of age to gamble of course.

Funding an account at BetOnline can be done in several ways. There is the credit card option for which Visa + AmEx are accepted. Outside of this option, a bank wire, money order, and cashier's check is also an option.

Perhaps the thing that sets BetOnline apart from most of the competition is the lifetime bonus on any deposit made into the site. Players can get up to $900 on every deposit they make into their account. It doesn't get much better than that.

What Is The Age To Gamble At 5Dimes?

5Dimes lists under their terms of use that to sign up for an account a player must be at least 18 years old. This website is a bit different from the rest because they do not really care about the minimum age to gamble in your state... just the age requirement as set forth by their terms and conditions.

This online gambling site is the total package, with a ton of different areas that an account holder can play. Whether it's the sportsbook, the casino, or poker room, 5Dimes is sure to keep their players very happy.

How can players at 5Dimes get in on the betting action? Well it starts with a deposit into an account, with a Visa Card, money order, or cashier's check accepted. And with this first deposit, a player is eligible to receive up to $520 in bonus cash for the sportsbook, or a 50 percent MatchPlay casino reward.

Legal Sites + Age Types Of Gaming: Who Can Join? Play Now
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BetOnline - 18 Years Sports Gambling, Horse Betting, Online Poker + Live-Dealer Casino Those Who Meet The Minimum Gaming Age In Their State Try It Out
SportsBetting - 18 Yrs. Horse Betting, Online Poker Room, Sports Wagering + Casino Games Anyone Who Is At Least 18 Years Old + Can Fog Mirror Try It Out
5Dimes - 18 Years Live-Dealer Casino, Sportsbook, Online Poker + Horse Betting Welcomes All U.S. Players 18+, No Credit Cards From: MD + WA Try It Out
More Info About The Legality Of Online Gambling In The U.S.
Is It Legal To Gamble Online In the U.S.?

There is no federal law against the act of betting online itself. There are laws against the operation of an online gambling site, but the individual bettor is legally able to bet. These sites will be offshore in most cases. However, for those who follow the gambling related news and developments, there is some important information to be aware in the state of New Jersey. They will be conducting a 10-year period of legal online gambling in the state that is regulated by the state government. This was signed by Governor Chris Christie and will go into effect in late 2013. This could be the most significant event for advocates of online gambling ever, especially if it pans out successfully.

Even If Online Gaming Is Illegal In My State, Will I Get Into Trouble?

The most common violation that you can make is to place a bet underage. This is illegal across the board. Having said that, there is the potential for local and state laws to go beyond what the federal government stipulates. Since there is that possibility, we recommend if you have these questions to visit a local attorney with expert knowledge of the laws specific to your area.

Underage Gambling Should Not Be Taken Lightly...

As you can see, underage gambling is something that is not tolerated within the states, or even at gambling sites operating outside of the U.S. There are strict rules and regulations that must be obeyed, or consequences can transpire. However, provided that you are of age, there are some great gambling sites outside of the U.S. where American players are accepted.

Please remember that we are not a legal counsel, and are not claiming to be in any way. While we are well researched and have a thorough knowledge of the industry, it's important that you know to seek legal aid from a lawyer with a knowledge of your state laws should questions arise.